*The product images above and media content across the entire ShiftWear website represent the vision of where we are taking ShiftWear. They are pre-rendered and early stage images of the product we’re developing.

We will do our very best to match the characteristics of the final product to the media content and marketing materials on our website but we are engaging in a new industry and the final product design could differ from what is shown. The functionality will be as advertised, giving you full control to change the designs of the shoe.

*When you pre-order, you are reserving your very own pair of ShiftWear shoes and will receive them before the rest of the world gets a chance to purchase them at retail stores.

Pre-orders are final and non-refundable upon receipt by ShiftWear of the corresponding payment as we will have to produce and assemble materials needed to fulfil your order and as such cannot issue refunds.

Refunds will only be issued if the pre-ordered products and Services are deemed by ShiftWear as undeliverable and to the extent of available assets for refund.

The funds generated from the pre-sales are used for the research and development of the products displayed on shiftwear.com, enabling us to deliver the product faster.

Size Chart
Currently the size range is a TRUE FOOT SIZE of 17.5cm to 31cm measured from toe to heel.
Stand on a ruler and please wear socks when you measure your foot size.